We are a non- governmental and non – profit making organization based in Accra.The main focus is on the organization of reading clinics to inculcate in children the culture of reading and encouraging the spirit of volunteerism among the youth of Ghana and beyond.

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The reading clinic Project under Precious Inspire works to create a culture of reading for children by providing inspiring books and literacy programs across Ghana, especially for children in the rural areas.

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Girls are gentle souls. They are tender and nurturing and we need to encourage them with these strengths.It can be tricky when our girls’ passions or desires go against our own tendencies. A hopeful gymnast with practice three times a week…a future football star, requiring…

Reding Clinic

The reading clinic project was founded with a passion to inculcate the habit of reading in children by providing inspiring book collections and engaging literacy programs to children across Ghana. Children are ‘engaged’ with books where they are motivated to read them on their own in ways that increase their reading comprehension.

What We Do

The objectives of the Reading Clinic are;

  1. To inculcate in children the culture of reading for pleasure and at their leisure time.
  2. To inspire children to succeed through reading and to raise the standards of behavior ,reading and learning of basic school pupils in Ghana
  3. To make reading and learning fun and an enjoyable experience for all basic school pupils.
  4. To provide a unique and useful atmosphere that encourages and promotes the better use of leisure times often available to Children, the Youth and the Less privileged in our societies and our world towards their self-development and enhancement.
  5. To encourage the spirit of volunteerism among the youths.


All children will have access to quality story books and motivation from volunteers no matter their economic status and capabilities.



Precious Inspire envisions a country in which well-educated young persons contribute to lifting their families and communities out of poverty.

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Precious Inspire envisions a country in which well-educated young persons contribute to lifting their families and communities out of poverty.

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We’ve Completed over 7 Reading Clincs.

Precious Inspire seeks to inspire children to succeed through reading by providing reading clinics by way of community reading events. This is always a life time experience for any child or children that participates in any of our programs/activities. This is because though it is mainly a reading clinic, the fun packed activities that we run alongside the reading, makes the day a very memorable and wonderful experience for the children thus always making reading/learning fun and an enjoyable experience which will directly and positively have an impact on their academic performance.

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